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Cabernet Sauvignon clone #7 & #8 – low to medium vigor. With this old clone, vines develop to produce wines that “dreams are made of.” Tannin, color, taste and complexity…what more can a winemaker ask for? This fruit can “hang” as late, into November.

Merlot clone #1 – Another old time winner, medium to high vigor. Very fruity and always dark ruby red. Yes, big and bold.

Cabernet Franc clone #1 – Main reason for planting? - to make a good Bordeaux style blend. Although, it will stand on its own quite fine. Very vigorous and wants to grow 4-5 tons per acre. We thin to 2 – 2.5 tons/acre.

Pinot Noir clones – selected from great wines coming from California’s Russian River area. Intriguing that the Finger Lakes can harvest similar style wines from the same vines. Pinot is the first to ripen and grows well with full potential to make a world-class wine from our region. Research indicated that mixed clones made the best wines. Time will tell, but on a recent trip to the Russian River, the owners noticed similar distinct tastes of these burgundy clones.

Syrah – not a hardy plant, it is prone to winter kill and constant replant, but the fruit is wonderful and produces a very good wine, making it worth the effort. Aged in a rich toasted French oak barrel, will produce a wine with flavors of deep rich chocolate, mocha, and berries that linger in your mouth.

Chardonnay clone 95/96 – The workhorse of Chardonnay. Harvested at 210 brix, both barrel and stainless steel fermented wines show excellent results year after year. Picked at 280 brix for a Late Harvest Chardonnay, resulting in characteristics of honey, melon and citrus.

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